Maximizing eIDAS Opportunities

The European Union’s Electronic Identification and Trust Services (eIDAS) regulation offers significant opportunities for organisations across the EU. For government agencies and businesses, eIDAS regulation makes it faster, easier and more secure to support cross-border digital commerce. For trust service providers (TSPs), eIDAS establishes a business environment that will create expanded demand for solutions.

To realise these gains, establishing trusted services and identities is a bedrock requirement. nShield hardware security modules (HSMs) offer the critical security services that enable trusted digital transactions. Using nShield HSMs, TSPs can expand their service offerings based on a strong root of trust, and enable legally binding transactions across borders, while strengthening security.

The EU's eIDAS regulation offers compelling opportunities for organisations delivering trust services within the EU. The eIDAS regulation was developed to help establish EU-wide standards that facilitate secure electronic commerce and ultimately advance Europe’s digital economy. Through the eIDAS regulation, the EU has established a framework for electronic commerce that enables legally binding, crossborder transactions, agreements and services.

By adopting these common standards, organisations are able to reduce their reliance on traditional, paper-based approaches and more fully capitalise on the advantages that digital transactions provide, including:

  • Faster workflows and response
  • Improved user convenience
  • Stronger security
  • Cost savings
  • Operational efficiencies

Download the brochure, Maximising eIDAS Opportunities, to learn how TSPs can become compliant with eIDAS regulations while significantly improving the security of their offerings.